Sadat & Begin united us

Shame on YOU my lovely princess to empty Sadat Peace initiative form the LOVE Egyptians have for the chosen people

Sadat travelled to Jerusalem NOT expecting single concession but he carries in his heart our love to the chosen people

It is Sadat’s love who made you and I talk now and even have genuine concerns about each others.

Shame on you my lovely princess

You allowed the bats of darkness to distort the love Sadat expressed for you.
sadat and begin

These bats who opposed him are the birds of darkness who were raised and fed on the hatred seeds of Muslim Brotherhood

Shame on you my lovely princess

Sadat sacrificed his blood for people like me and you to get together and drop the hatred aside!

Sadat wanted love, forgiveness and peace to replace war and revenge

Even Begin left behind his legacy and joined Sadat to express love to his Egyptian neighbours

It is their souls who guide us to the correct path towards peace between our two great nations

Shame on you my lovely princess

If all the others twisted the spirits of Sadat and Begin we should revive them always to be a guide for us

Life without love is meaningless, empty and hollow


Don’t ever forget that we are the children of Sadat and Begin

Shame on you my lovely princess.

                                        Simon Sadbury